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Notice of Annual General Meeting - Sports & Wellbeing Association

The Management Committee of West Midlands Police Sports & Wellbeing Association announce the 2017 Annual General Meeting on Thursday 1st March 2018 commencing at 11.30am at the Sports & Conference Centre, Lord Knights Suite for the following purpose
  1. Approval of the Minutes of 2016 AGM
  2. Approval of Club Accounts 2016/17
  3. Appointment of Officers
  4. Membership subscription and Proportion of Local Club subscriptions
  5. Amendments to Model Sporting Section Club Rules, Model Local Club Rules and Main Club Rules
  6. Any other business
All full members of the club are entitled to attend and vote on any issues presented. For a definition of a full member please consult the rules of the Club which can be found on the Sports and Wellbeing Association Website www.westmidspoliceclub.com
Any Member of the Club entitled to vote at a General Meeting who intends to propose a resolution (which for clarity will include the proposed election of an Honorary Life Member) to be put to the Members at a General Meeting shall not less than 21 days before the holding of the General Meeting give written notice to the Club Director of their intention and shall submit therewith a written copy of the proposed resolution together with the name of a full member who will second the resolution.  Upon receipt of any such proposal, the Club Director will circulate a copy of the proposed resolution to members of the Management Committee (such circulation will be validly carried out by placing notice of the resolution on the Club website) and will display a copy within the Club Premises
Nominations for Vice Chair
Nominations to be received 12 days prior to AGM – Saturday 17th February 2018
Nominations to be displayed in the Club Premises 10 days prior to AGM – Monday 19th February 2018
As per the Club Rules 22.2  “Any Full Member of the Club shall be eligible to stand for office as Vice Chairman provided that a written nomination in the form prescribed by the Management Committee is submitted to the Club Director at least 12 days before the Annual General Meeting and that such nomination is supported by at least five Full Members of the Club”.
Nominations must be received by the Club Director Lisa Nicklin-Smith at  S&WA, Tally Ho or email to lisa.jane@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk the closing date for nominations will be the Saturday 17th February 2018 and nominations will be displayed as per the Club Rules 22.1 in the Club Premises 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
The Club Rules and nomination form can be downloaded from the Sports & Wellbeing Association Website www.westmidspoliceclub.com
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West Midlands Police Sport & Wellbeing Association
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