2020 PSUK Grappling, Wrestling & Powerlifting Event


West Midlands Police Sports & Wellbeing Association will be hosting the 2020 PSUK tournaments for submission grappling, freestyle wrestling and powerlifting in November this year (dates TBC).

This will be the first time it’s been hosted locally for nearly 10 years. The grappling team generally do well in individual titles and also the team title, but we are under-represented in female competitors and higher weight competitors. If you’re interested in making a competitive start, then now is the time to do so, as we’re the host force for the next 2 years.

If you’re just interested in starting the sport and learning the basics without having to join a club, then please get in contact also.

Further, we have no representation from powerlifters (that we’re aware of), so if you’re a competitive  powerlifter please make contact with CI 21316 Cole soonest.

For grappling enquiries please contact PC 21377 Beggan, DC 20809 Dobbinson or CI 21316 Cole”.