Blue light Takeover Proves Success at Cannon Hill Parkrun


Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Cannon Hill Parkrun – Blue Light Takeover on Saturday 1st February 2020.

The event proved really successful and we hope The Blue light Takeover will become a regular event.

Below are a few words from Andrew Mitcham who organised the event with the support of the WMP Sports & Wellbeing Association.

Park Run - 5

“I’m a serving police officer in a busy detective role and the job can be very demanding. Keeping fit and healthy has many benefits and I regularly take part in parkrun with my friends and family. I was inspired by the ‘parkrun practice’ where more than 900 GP’s have linked with their local parkrun events to promote the health and wellbeing of patients and staff. This got me thinking of a police collaboration where we can signpost offenders or those at risk of offending to participate in parkrun. This opportunity would also be used for police staff to partipate in parkrun.

Having got in touch with the parkrun wellbeing team they were really receptive to the idea, and put me in touch with the Birmingham director, Mary Ross. Following discussions the idea was put forward to label the event as a ‘Bluelight Takeover’ incorporating all of the emergency services.

The event took place at Cannon Hill park on 01/02/20 with over 1000 participants taking part. The event was supported by the local neighbourhood team who were in attendance to help marshall the event and encourage the runners.

Staffs awareness of parkrun has increased and we’re working towards a process for police staff to be able to refer people to a local parkrun. This could be a victim, witness, or even a suspect in a crime, a parkrun referral could be the referral they need to help intervene and rehabilitate them back into the community.”

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Park Run - 3