British Dressage Team Quest – 17th April 2022


Our British Dressage Team Quest team had another successful outing on Sunday 17.04.22 at Kingswood Equestrian. Diana Shaw, Sarah Johnson and Claire Bailey. Well done to the team for getting out to a very busy competition with 8 teams in total and the ladies all having very late times for both the team Quest and My Quest.

Di took her new baby horse and scored a fabulous score of 73.4% to win their class, Sarah produced another consistent team score of 66% in her class and Claire again scored another strong score of 64% in her class which is a great result for them too. Claire’s pony Joe loaded lovely on this occasion to get the combination to the competition on time this week but then he had so much fun he didn’t want to go home!!! Joe get on the trailer!!!!

After a long wait the final result was a great team 3rd!! 


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