Does your physical and mental wellbeing need a boost?


Do you and your family want to get fit and healthy but need a little help to become more active?

We’ve teamed up with 1TeamActive to help support the physical and mental wellbeing of colleagues

We’ve extended the application period for the free 11 week activity programme, which features two personal training sessions a week


Earlier this year we told you about a new partnership which will focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of our colleagues.

We’ve teamed up with TeamPolice as part of an initiative called ‘1TeamActive’ as part of our ongoing commitment to your wellbeing.

Nominations closed at the end of May – but don’t worry if you didn’t apply – we’re reopening nominations. You now have until 27 July to apply.

If you already applied we’ve still got your details – so you don’t need to reapply!

We’ll contact everyone who is successful on 17 August.

The 1Team Active scheme will focus on colleagues and their families who wouldn’t normally be involved in sport and exercise, but feel their mental health has suffered due to the demands of policing.

The offer isn’t just open to colleagues – the personal training will also be available to their partner and up to two members of their wider family– meaning the whole family will be able to take and benefit from 11 weeks of personal training.

Think the scheme might be for you? Here’s some more details….


Who is the scheme aimed at?

Sport England has highlighted two groups they would like 1TeamActive to focus on; those who wouldn’t normally be involved in sport and exercise and those who feel that their mental health has suffered due to the demands of policing.

So, if you do less than 150 minutes of moderate activity each week and you would like a physical and mental boost to your health, you are the ideal candidate.

Signing up for 1TeamActive will encourage both you and your family to become more active in a fun, supportive and habit-forming way.


What is involved for you and your family?

You and your family will be invited to an initial event day. This day is aimed to be fun, interactive, interesting, friendly and an opportunity to try different activities. Following this day, you and your family, alongside others will engage in a 10–12 week activity programme where you will have two classes a week with an instructor.

1TeamActive want you all to achieve at least 150 minutes of activity each week. They will also provide you with an interactive platform to stay in touch with others taking part. This will allow you and your family to share stories, track your activity, challenge yourself, support and motivate others.

The ambition is to roll this scheme out nationally to police colleagues. To achieve this 1TeamActive will need to measure the pilot scheme and will seek your help by asking you to complete a few surveys. What you have to say really matters and may make a huge difference to police forces across the UK.


How much will this cost?

Nothing! It’s all free.


How do I apply?

Please email [email protected] for the referral process and more information or contact Sophie Petrie, Wellbeing Manager.

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