How to use a Cashback Offer


You may have noticed over the past year we have been introducing cashback offers on our website. These have been introduced to allow us to expand the offers we are able to bring to you were certain attractions, events or companies may not provide a direct discount.

The cashback offers we have run previously have proven popular and we are looking to introduce a new offer each month in the future.

Each cashback offer will have their own set of terms and conditions, so please ensure you read these before applying. Generally, all cashback offers will all work similarly to the below steps:

  1. Purchase tickets for the attraction or event
  2. Complete the relevant cashback form by downloading it from our website
  3. Email both the cashback form and proof of purchase (this can be an email confirmation or receipt) to [email protected]
  4. Your cashback form will be processed and approved if all of the relevant information has been provided and you will be contacted by email

Currently, we have cashback offers available for the below:

If you do have any questions or queries about any of our cashback offers please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0121 626 8337.

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