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At the age of 49 I didn’t think I would ever be much of a runner, and I’m not! However, my nephew and I applied to run the London Marathon to raise money for charity.

Imagine my shock and dread when we were accepted!!   I’ve done a bit of running in my time but not 26.2 miles.

I’ve been in training for the last 6 months to try and become a runner for just one day!

I’m up to 30 plus miles a week, I think I’m enjoying running more now and the bonus on top is losing over a stone, so I feel much healthier. It’s a toss up to see whether my trainers or knees wear out first!

If everyone within this organisation donated just 50 pence I would comfortably achieve my target of raising money for a very worthy cause.

Donations will be very happily accepted via my Just Giving page.


Inspector Simon Finney

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