Welsh Vintage Trail 2021


Members of the WMPMC on Saturday 9th October attended the Welsh Vintage Trail this is an untimed form of motorsport where competitors attempt to climb a number of set routes normally up muddy hills.

The route up such tests are more commonly known as Sections, each competitor will receive between 0 and 25 for each Section depending on how far they travel up the hill/Section and basically the competitor with the highest combined score at the end of the event is deemed to be the winner.

WMPMC task for the day was at one of the tests which as in previous years was held at Badlands Farm New Radnor Powys or better known to many as Ralphs Cider Farm, it was also the open weekend for Ralphs Ciders festival. So our task was to meet and greet with competitors and guide them through the farm to their hill climb test along with help parking the public who attended not only for the Vintage Trail but also the cider festival.

It was quite a busy day, but all went well and the weather was at least dry although much to the annoyance of the competitors who relish the wet and muddy conditions.

This is quite different from our normal involvement with rallying but makes a change.

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