Woodpecker Rally 2021


WMPMC turned out in style with a total of  12 members. We were running the Flying Finish -Stop Line & Radio for special stages 2/4/5. It was a very early start and a very late finish. The weather was particularly  very dry hence making it extremely dusty due the forest roads being very dry.

Woodpecker 2021 - 7

The organisers  had a Brand new timing system in operation so it was a steep learning curve for us all. However, Mark Wakelam took charge of the MASTER timing clock at the Flying Finish the dust made it very difficult to process the time of each competitor as they passed the timing point and with extremely dusty conditions it was almost impossible to see the timing clock after each competitor had passed.

Woodpecker 2021 - 4

The team at the Stop who are normally kept very busy,  had little to do on this event – due to the new timing system as times were displayed on a large illuminated clock so rally crews could take their own times very easily- in the past marshals would have to write times in on the competitors time cards.

Woodpecker 2021 - 3

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